How is the Anaerobic Threshold determined?
The determination of the anaerobic threshold is practiced by two different methodical approaches - invasive and non-invasive.

Invasive Anaerobic Threshold determination is based on the lactate measurement. Either the catheter is inserted into one of the brachial arteries or the collection of blood from an ear (auricle) or a finger is applied. The lactate shows an exponential inc
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How does the human body response on exercise?
The reaction on the physical stress during spiroergometric examination is an immediate answer of great number of organs on the work of skeletal muscles. Their qualitative and quantitative values depend on the intensity and the workload duration. The human response can be divided into three parts - initial phase, steady state and recovery.

Initial Phase

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What parameters are measured during exercise test?


The time represents time interval in seconds or minutes (etc.) during it the examined person worked under certain constraint or increasing intensity of load or that was needed to reach certain physical performance.


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What should follow the exercise test?
Every examined person should be informed by his physician about his movement abilities inevitable for the future life. The prescription of the exercise activity is based on the anamnesis, the clinical or laboratory findings and some functional values taken in position at rest. In many cases of inner diseases it is mainly based on the results of exercise test [1].
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What is the exercise medicine?
Exercise medicine deals with responses and adaptations of cardio respiratory, metabolic and other physiological and pathophysiological functions on stress; mainly physical [1]. Exercise medicine became a part of comprehensive examination of many internal diseases. The prescription and the recommendation of therapeutic, psychotherapeutic or recreational physical activity should be a part of the conclusion after the exercise examination in most cases of internal diseases. The reason for the application of the exercise medicine for the prescription of physical activity lies mainly in different conditions for the examination. Patients are usually in health centers at rest. According to basal values (clinical, laboratory, ECG
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What is the anaerobic threshold?
You can image the Anaerobic Threshold as the safe limit of the exercise without an excessive component of the anaerobic metabolism. Bellow this level you can stress your body safely. You only need digital watches with heart rate monitor (Casio, Speedo, Polar etc.) to check you Anaerobic Threshold during your exercise of any kind.

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