Method for the automated anaerobic threshold determination
for by P. Kvaca [1]
Because of the above-mentioned reasons there has been need to develop a transparent method suitable for the automated computer processing of spiroergometric parameters measured in average values with the minimal influence of the physician during the Anaerobic Threshold determination.
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Comparison of methods for the automated anaerobic threshold determination
for by P.Kvaca[1]
This chapter is devoted to the comparison of the derived method with two other methods for the automated Anaerobic Threshold determination. Firstly, the background of these methods will be introduced. Then both methods will be mathematically described.
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Spiroergomteric relation for automated method by P.Kvaca [1]
The automated method can be used only if the mutual increase of spiroergometric parameters is exponential. Exponential trend of the spiroergometric relation can be roughly judged by three ways. The first two are based on an experience - either own experience of exercise physiologist from the 1st and 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague collaborating on this research or their knowledge from the world literature - experience of other exercise physiologists. The third way is the data analysis of measured data set.
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Way to automated determination of the anaerobic threshold
for by P. Kvaca [3]
We remember that the anaerobic threshold gained from ventilatory-respiratory values is physiologically defined as the break of ventilation curve in the moment of non-linear ventilation increase. The ventilation increases faster then Oxygen Uptake (VO2) at this change but also the Carbon Dioxide Production (VCO2) and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) increase.

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